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About Us

We believe that a good process generates awesome results.

Hi we are the Twella's!

Tal Bar On &Tali Bar Hillel .

We share many passions in life but what paired us together was the love for design.​Our backgrounds are diverse, Tali holds a BD in industrial design and Tal holds a BD in interior design. Coming together with diverse education allows us to explore and dig deep into our client’s needs.
Individually each brings a unique strength. Together, we are united by the impulse to wonder and create.
SHHH… That’s our secrete! thats how we make designs that stimulate your senses… that stick to your memory.

Don't Take Our Word For It.

See What Our Clients Say About Us!

Ben Alliker

Hamat / National Sales Manager at HamatUSA

As you can see behind me…
what we saw is what we got.
We received many compliments from our visitors.
Final results were really above our expectations. ​

Or Ashkenazi

Sapo / VP marketing

Dear Twella’s,
You truly managed to take Sapo’s products and brand to a whole new level.
Thank you for the personal service we received throughout
the whole process down to the last detail. We received many
compliments from our visitors. Final results were really above
our expectations

Hila Klien

IronSourec / Global Events Manager

I have been managing the MWC event for the past 6 years now …
Twella nailed down the concept
we were looking for.

They were dedicated from day 1 to the project and gave me the
peace of mind I was looking for.

Gil Sol

NannDanJain / Marcom manager

When we met them , it was love at first sight. Twella understood the company’s core essence and translated it to a beautifully open design. The chemistry was there, great
communication and they understood our that we were looking for a fully dedicated team.
The end result was no doubt a showstopper.